A: Acknowledged options expert Joe Lesko is the ď Option Principal ď with over 35 years trading experience. During his career, he has been a trader, broker, market writer, market strategist and options principal, along with numerous TV appearances. He now devotes 100% of his time to his service, which is followed worldwide.

2/Q: Do you have many losing trades?

A: Quite a few, and any service that suggests otherwise is not acting in your best interest. Seasoned traders will tell you that if you win about 50% of the time you can make money.

Optionsí trading is a marathon, not a sprint, which is why you should look for consistent results. If you have the necessary mindset and financial staying power your welcome to join us.

3 / Q: "How much money do I need to trade all your recommendations?"

A: We are publishers, not investment advisors or money managers, as such we canít go there. I can say from experience that allocating $850 per trade on a 10k account should have you in on every recommendation. In addition committing the same $ amount on each trade, stops you from going overboard on any one position. Bottom line be consistent.

4 / Q: "How much money do I need to trade all your recommendations?"

A: We are publishers, not investment advisors or money managers, as such we canít go there. I can say that our trade recos range from 2 to 9 hundred dollars per contract, with an average of 6 points ($600). In addition we rarely have more than 18 open positions. Share that information with your personal financial advisor and / or broker to set the parameters for your trading account.

5 / Q: Iím not at my computer all day, how will I follow your recommendations?

A/ If your there during normal trading hours, and you like the trade place an order to buy the suggested option at the market. Otherwise after receiving the Evening Report, the next morning place a limit order for the day to buy the options at the limit price suggested in the Evening Report.

6 / Q: How much should I invest in each trade?

We are publishers not investment advisors or money managers. As such cannot advise members on personal investments. We publish and track the trades using single contracts (NOT dollar amount) itís up to each member along with his/her personal financial advisor to decide how many contracts used if they decide to invest. That said many of our members use $850 a trade, and from their feedback it's working well.

7 Q: Do you receive commissions from any Brokers?

A: NO, we do not receive compensation of ANY kind from the brokers, nor do we have access to your accounts under any circumstances. We are publishers, NOT investment advisors.

8 / Q: "Do I need an Username & Password?"

A: No everything is done by Email. All open positions are reviewed every evening, but Saturday. Please make sure you can receive Emails in HTML formatting!

9 / Q: "How many positions do you have on at one time?"

A: We average about 8 contracts, and rarely hold more than 18

10 / Q: "How long are you in a trade?"

A: Anywhere from a few days to several months.

11 / Q: "Do you use stops to protect positions?"

A: We use mental stops. However, every recommendation has a profit target and an exit point on a closing basis. In addition we follow every trade to conclusion, win or lose.

12 / Q: "How many trades do you post every week?"

A: 1 or 2 but donít hold us to that. We wonít put on a trade just to give you action. If the set up is not right, we will wait for a better entry point.

13 / Q: "How often will I hear from you?"

A: We post an evening report Monday through Thursday, Mid-day report on Friday  which reviews every position. In addition, Email alerts are sent for every new trade, to you and the brokers Auto Trade desk. You will also receive an Email when its time to close out a losing trade or take profits.


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