1/Q: Do you have many losing trades?

A: Quite a few, and any service that suggests otherwise is not being straight with you. Seasoned traders will tell you that if you win about 50% of the time you can make money trading options. I'm happy to report we have bettered that 50% threshold for 12 straight years. Options trading is a marathon, not a sprint, which is why you should look for a service with consistent results.

2 / Q: How much money do I need to trade all your recommendations?

A: A 25K account allocating up to $850 per trade is suggested, but the final decision is up you and / or your financial advisors. Whatever you decide the Auto Trade brokers will follow your wishes on every trade. Using Joe's suggestion provides guidelines to insure that you don't under or over trade.

3 / Q: How much should I invest in each trade?

We are publishers not investment advisors or money managers. As such cannot advise members on personal investments. We publish and track the trades, it is up to each member along with his/her personal financial advisor to decide how many contracts they decide to invest in. That said most of our members use $850 a trade, and from their feedback over the years it's working quite well for them.

4/ Q: Do you receive commissions from any Brokers?

A: NO, we do not receive compensation of ANY kind from the brokers, nor do we have access or even see your accounts under ANY circumstances.

5 / Q: Do I need a Username & Password?

A: No everything is done by Email.

6 / Q: How many positions do you have on at one time?

A: We average about 8, and rarely hold more than 20 open positions

7 / Q: How long are you in a trade?

A: Anywhere from days to months, depending on the trade's performance. All open positions are reviewed every evening, but Saturday.

8 / Q: Do you use stops to protect positions?

A: We follow the markets on a daily basis, so we use mental stops. However, every recommendation has a profit target and an exit point on a closing basis. In addition, we track every trade to conclusion, win or lose.

9 / Q: "How many trades do you post every week?"

A: 1 or 2 but do not hold us to that. We will not put on a trade just to give you action. If the set up is not right or the markets trend looks iffy, we will wait for a better entry point.

10 / Q: "How often will I hear from you?"

A: Trade recommendations and alerts are issued throughout the trading session, and then reprinted in the evening reports. We post an evening report Monday through Thursday, Mid-day report on Friday along with a market wrap on Sunday evening.

11 / Q: "Should I buy every position in the open position box after I join your service?"

A: That's your call, but we suggest you start with the next trade to start building your personal portfolio, which should only take a couple of months.



1 / Q: What is AUTO TRADE?

A: Auto Trade is offered as a convince for our members who do not have the time or inclination to be a full time trader. As the name implies every trade recommendation (buy, sell) is automatically traded for your account on receipt from the option principal, according to your trade parameters. Trade instructions are sent to the broker, and you are copied at the same time for a double check.

2/Q: Does it work well?

A: YES we have been using Auto Trade for over seven years for over a thousand trades, without a single complaint from our members.

3/Q: Does it cost more to Auto Trade Joe's recommendations?

A: NO but Auto Trade is only available to Real Time Trading members.


A: First, join our service. Then open and funding an account with one of our participating brokers.

Call the Auto Trade desk at your broker firm, and inform them you would like to start auto trading recommendations from the Option Principle.

Tell them the dollar amount or number of contracts you desire for each trade. That's up to you but up to $850 per trade for a $25K account is suggested. They will ask us if you are a member. Once we affirm, you're in as of the next trade, it's that simple.

We are available to answer your questions by Email or Phone at:




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